We are a young, vibrant evangelical congregation where God's word is central and where God changes lives completely. 

Pastor Jeroen and Cornelia van Leeuwen started the church in March 2016. They have seen the church grow into a serious, stable group of people of different cultures and age groups who serve God wholeheartedly. 

In December 2021 pastor Maurice and Paola Driever took over the church from them. As of October 1, 2022, they have found permanent premises at Jadelaan 117, a beautiful building with excellent growth opportunities. New people came in and God has and continues to do miracles in the personal lives of people from the Hoofddorp church! In less than 1.5 years they have seen the church grow and double in numbers. 

In March 2023, my wife (Sandy) and I (Floyd) were given the privilege of taking over the church. The Hoofddorp church is an energetic, warm church where people come to receive from God. We would like to invite you to attend our services and hope to welcome you soon. Please see you then. 

Kind regards, 

(Pastor) Floyd Usmany & Sandy Usmany