Who we are

A church with a vision for worldevangelism

We are an Evangelical church that has been active in Hoofddorp since 2016. We are part of Christian Fellowship Ministries (CFM). CFM originated in the early 1970s at the time of the so-called ''Jesus People Movement''.

Many new churches were planted from this revival, including The Potter's House in Prescott, Arizona under the leadership of Pastor Wayman Mitchell. From this revival and with a strong vision for evangelism, Pastor Mitchell began sending couples, first in America, but later in all parts of the world. In 1979, Pastor Mitchell came into contact with a small Bible study group in Steenwijk, the Netherlands. With the support of CFM, ''Evangeliegemeente De Deur'' was founded, first in Steenwijk, later in Zwolle. 

New congregations have also been founded from Zwolle. Ultimately, Evangelie Gemeente De Deur Hoofddorp was founded according to this principle. We are active in more than 110 countries worldwide with more than 3,450 churches. As a church we adhere to this vision of reaching the world with the gospel. We do this by proclaiming the gospel, making disciples and sending out couples who have a calling on their lives to further spread the gospel.

Origin of Hoofddorp church

Pastor Jeroen and Cornelia van Leeuwen started the church and have seen the church grow into a stable group of people from different cultures and age groups. In December 2021, pastor Maurice and Paola Driever took over the church from them. Previously, our meetings were held at De Klimop primary school in Hoofddorp, but since October 1, 2022 our meetings have taken place at Jadelaan 117 in Hoofddorp. In less than 1.5 years they saw the church grow and double in numbers. In March 2023, Pastor Floyd and Sandy Usmany took over and have been serving here ever since.